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A Turn-Key Kitchen at a Price You Can Afford

At DBF Kitchens, we focus exclusively on providing amazing turn-key kitchens for the great middle class of America, not rich people. And we manage it all for you ourselves.

We DESIGN your kitchen in-house for a fraction of the competition, and then acquire materials smartly - no ridiculously overpriced custom cabinets! We BUILD your kitchen ourselves, saving you thousands by avoiding subcontractors and costly overhead. This also allows us to finish kitchens much quicker than the competition - in only 3 weeks. Finally, we FINANCE the entire project - you don't pay a penny until we're done and you're happy.

We put our money where our mouth is, but don't just listen to us. Look us up on Angi / HomeAdvisor where we have a 5-Star rating. Or on Google. Yep, 5-Stars there too. Our customers are more than customers to us - they're our friends, and we're honored when someone invites us to remodel their kitchen.

Call the owner directly to get the new kitchen of your dreams today:

Our Direct Line is (970) 481-4652

Our Services Include
  • Designed - First, we sit in person and listen to you. What are your tastes and preferences? Then we provide you kitchen design options within your budget.

  • Built - We do the work ourselves. The people you meet on day one will be the people you see in your kitchen throughout the project.

  • Financed - We don't charge you a single penny until the project is 100% complete. We pay for everything, even the appliances, cabinets and counters, so you only write one check - when you have the new kitchen of your dreams.

Our Mission

We simply love kitchens. They’re truly the heart of the home. We’re committed to providing everyday Americans with an amazing kitchen that you can afford today. We accomplish this by focusing on:

  • Designing and building turn-key kitchens that wow you.

  • Allowing you to save big money with smart design & material acquisition and doing the work ourselves.

  • Completing the entire project on time, on budget and with the respect you deserve.

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