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About Us

We launched in late 2019, just in time for Covid to kick off, but even a pandemic wasn't going to stop us! We must be doing something right - in less than 4 years we've remodeled over 170 kitchens, and in the process become the largest kitchen remodeler in Northern Colorado. 

We'd love to show you the results!

We've Been in Your Shoes

DBF Kitchens wasn't started by a handyman or general contractor. It was started by a home owner who ended up remodeling 5 kitchens over the years - each time getting a little wiser. We understand what a home owner wants and deserves from their remodeling contractor.

We're Passionate

We wake up every morning tap dancing to work, excited not only to provide with the turn-key kitchen of your dreams, but to also help you save money. We love finding a deal on materials for you or coming up with a clever design that cuts costs.

We Understand

We're not rich. Spending $75,000 on a kitchen is not an option for 99% of us. Most of our kitchens cost between $25,000 and $45,000, including appliances, cabinets and counters. Smaller "spit shines" can cost as low as $15,000.

Who We Are

Everyone on the team is different in the skills we bring to DBF Kitchens, but all of us are the same in our passion for remodeling kitchens. Our team includes:

Founder and CEO - Glenn Corliss handles the business side of things. He loves hunting for a deal on materials to save you money. Glenn has 25 years' experience in business management, including 12 years rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded the Bronze Star and received multiple cabinet-level written commendations for his service. In his spare time, he's been remodeling his own homes since 2005.

General Manager- Jacob Schaffer hails from Iowa where he was raised one of 13 children by one tough mother and State Trooper for a dad. He knows how to keep the trains running on time. He also has that traditional Midwest positive can-do attitude that we all love!

Operations Manager- Alfonso Calderon is the hardest working guy you'll ever meet. He's as handy with a saw as he is with creative solutions to save you money. You'll like Alfonso.


Team Leader- Joseph Wadlington lived all over the U.S. when he was younger, but Fort Collins is now home for him and his ever-growing family. He's professional, courteous, high energy, organized, and always has a smile that's truly infectious.

Team Leader - Jon White has never stopped moving - literally. We think he might work in his sleep. When time is of the essence, put Jon on the job and you know he'll get it done fast, and right the first time every time!


Team Leader - Justin Beach comes from the security world where he caught shoplifters for a living! Now he focuses full time on making your kitchen wonderful. 


Plumber & Craftsman - Levi Fenwick knows how to lay pipe, and he never stops moving. A family man, Levi not shares his home with his wife and kids, but also serves as a full-time host to disabled folks who need in-home care.

Craftsman - Miguel Montoya is an Army veteran with 20 years' experience in project management. He's quiet, hard working, and more polite than Mr. Rogers!

Craftsman- Marco Jimenez can not only remodel your kitchen, but he can cook a mean Menudo in it when he's done! As a chef, he truly cares about the functionality of your kitchen. 


Craftsman- John Facella is a CSU student and a pilot. Some day you may see him flying you out of Denver, but for now we love having him part time. 


Craftsman- Nolan Byrnes is also a CSU student working part time for us. When he's not in a kitchen he's in the mountains trying not to break a leg... again. 

Craftsman - Garrett Griffey is the newest member of our team. He previously worked on organic micro farming. This taught him how to build stuff and also gave him a love of food.

Kitchen Designer - Diana Benson, of DL Benson Interiors, has been providing amazing interior design services in Northern Colorado for over 20 years. She will wow you with stunning ideas for your kitchen on a budget you can afford.

Electricians - We are partnered with only the best, most qualified electricians who we know and trust with our own homes.

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