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Our Services

When we say your kitchen remodel is turn-key, we truly mean it.

We focus on one thing, and one thing only: kitchen remodels for the middle class. That focus allows us to provide these services inexpensively, with high quality and in a completely turn-key fashion.

Kitchen Island

We start by sitting with you and discussing what styles you like.

Not sure? No problem. We’ll review options together and see what excites you. We then:

  • Review budgets and discuss ways to save money through smart design and material acquisition.​

  • DBF then develops plans and budgets for you to review.

  • We finalize the plan, budget and timing, sign an agreement and you're done.

Then its DBF's turn to get to work!


A lot of “contractors” these days are little more than salespeople. Once they get a contract,

they "sub it out" to the cheapest crew they can find.

Not us. We swing the hammers ourselves. You’ll know exactly who is on your project before you agree to anything.


Our workers are respectful, hard working and clean up after themselves - every day!


And don’t worry, we’re fully insured, and our workers all have workers compensation insurance.

For most kitchens, we’ll be in and out of your house in three weeks. We promise not to keep you out

of your kitchen for any longer

than we have to! ​​

Dollar Bills

Most contractors will ask for 30-50% down before they even show up to work.

Not us. We charge you absolutely nothing until the project is done.  We pay for all the materials ourselves, and our workers are paid weekly.

You pay only when we've completed the work and you have your new kitchen.

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